I’m still on tumblr, just with a new name. ;]

Q: What are your friend’s eating habits like?

They eat out a lot- I swear that’s why I got this problem! XD

Look of The Day:
These Dreams Under My Pillow.

I must say I LOVE how CUTE this outfit looks! The colors she chose go so well with each other and everything looks so simple but she deff. put some work into it. Overall…loves it.

Ive heard this song a couple times before and never really liked it until this. After watching, I have a whole new appreciation for the song

(via fleurmeetsfitness)


(via beautifulandbrokendreams)

Q: What are your family’s eating habits like?

We pretty much eat whatever we can get our hands on lol. If there’s food to eat here, then we make it but most of the time theres nothing to make so we eat out a lot. Like…a lot lot. 

Look of the day:
Punch Drunk Melody - Jon Brion (byJune Kim)
My Note: LOVE the coat, what a statement piece! Haven’t seen style like this for a while. If only I could pull this off…oooo! ♥